Liam Rydall
Incoming through a fresh sound that will move your bones with house music at its best, Liam Rydall is breaking the boundaries of traditional house music and it norms.
Hailing from The Netherlands, Liam Rydall has been involved with music from a very young age. After playing already a lot of shows across The Netherlands, Niels (better knows as Liam Rydall) sprung out as solo artist from the act Moombahteam in 2021. With his experience, Liam Rydall is now ready to bring a non-stop, positive and energetic hype to the stage.
After a break he has been on a journey of finding his own unique story. His musical development is portrayed in his debut EP ‘Faith’, which is released in 2021. An EP that features vocalists like Sonny Wilson (known from the single ‘Booyah’ with Showtek and ‘Sun Goes Down’ with David Guettta) and has a clear and reliable story of self recognition and reliance in whatever journey you may embark on.

MORY is a versatile singer-songwriter who is known for her warm and dynamic voice with a raw edge. She started performing since she was a little girl and participated in the Dutch talent show ‘The Next Boy/Girl Band after which she ended up in the girl group GRLBND. After MORY got solo she began to write her own music and in 2021 she released the singles ‘Faith’ and ‘Instafamous’. In the future MORY is planning to release another self-written house track featuring Liam Rydall who she performs with as MC.

A fresh new album in the beginning of 2023. Make sure to be part of the new Liam Rydall and Mory journey and “Call It What You Want”

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